OSRS Jad Pet

Levels required: 75+ Ranged | 60+ Defence 60+ Hitpoints | 43+ Prayer.

We will get you the Jad Pet in OSRS.

We will provide all of the supplies needed.

We will also gamble the fire capes for a chance at the pet, so there probably won't be any on the account after we're finished (if you had any in the bank they'll still be there!)

We may passively level some stats during this process such as Ranged, Hitpoints, etc

If you would prefer to try your luck you can order single fire cape orders, but this is a gamble since you may spend more than this service and not even get the pet yet, with this service we will complete as many kills needed until the pet is obtained.

Estimated time of completion 10 days, but could be sooner or longer since it's an RNG drop and we don't log into your account 24 hours per day because it would raise suspicion with Jagex. You are not allowed to log into the account after you placed your order until you receive the email saying your order is complete. You can check progress by contacting the live chat or emailing support@quickquesting.com