Another Slice of H.A.M.

Quest Requirements:
Death to the Dorgeshuun
The Giant Dwarf
The Dig Site
Skill/Other Requirements:
Level 15 Attack
Level 25 Prayer
Be able to defeat a level 60 foe, and two level 30 foes using only Ranged or Magic
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Light source, Magic or Ranged attack method, Armor, and a Weapon
Items Recommended for Quest:
Tinderbox, Dorgesh-kaan sphere, Amulet of glory (4) or Lumbridge teleport method
Quest Points:
3k Mining XP, 3k Prayer XP, Ancient goblin mace, Dorgesh-Kaan to Keldagrim train service, and the ability to buy Goblin Village teleport spheres