Cold War

Cold War Quest
Skill/Other Requirements:
Level 10 Hunter
Level 15 Thieving
Level 30 Agility
Level 30 Crafting
Level 34 Construction
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
10 Oak planks, Mahogany plank, Normal plank, 10 Steel nail, Spade, Hammer, Steel bar, Silk, Raw cod, Swamp tar, 5 Feathers, 1 Soft leather, and Access to a Level 3+ crafting table in a Player Owned House
Items Recommended for Quest:
3 Lumbridge Teleports, 1 Ardougne Teleport, and a Teleport to your house if you are using your own Crafting Table 3+ To Make The Penguin Suit
Quest Points:
2000 Crafting XP, 5000 Agility XP, 1500 Construction XP and the ability to create a penguin suit