Dream Mentor

Dream Mentor
Quest Requirements:
Lunar Diplomacy
Eadgar's Ruse
Skill/Other Requirements:
85 Combat Level
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
20 pieces of food (3 different kinds), Seal of passage, food to feed the fallen man (bring at least 3 different types of food, about 15 spots in total for the first part, and about 12 more for the second), one astral rune, hammer, tinderbox, pestle and mortar, 5 Lunar Isle Teleport Scrolls and goutweed (can be obtained by planting a gout tuber or by stealing one from the Troll Stronghold kitchen storage, refer to Eadgar's Ruse quest. It is not tradeable.) Also recommended are good armour and food for the final fight, 2 Super combat potions
Quest Points:
15000 Hitpoints XP, 10000 Magic XP, a lamp that gives 15000 XP in any combat skill, and access to new lunar spells