The Eyes of Glouphrie

The Eyes of Glouphrie
Quest Requirements:
The Grand Tree
Skill/Other Requirements:
5 Construction
46 Magic
13 Runecrafting would be an advantage
45 Woodcutting would be an advantage.
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Monkey Madness II
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Oak logs, Maple logs, Bucket of sap (use a Knife on an Evergreen tree with a bucket in your inventory - some Evergreen trees can be found just north of Catherby), Ground mud rune (use a Pestle and mortar on a Mud rune), Hammer, and a Saw
Items Recommended for Quest:
Ring of dueling, Slayer ring, and a Watchtower teleport method.
Quest Points:
250 Construction XP, 12k Magic XP, 6k Runecrafting XP, 2.5k Woocutting XP, A small crystal seed which you can enchant it at the Singing bowl to make a Crystal Saw