OSRS Kree'arra

We will kill Kree'arra on your account for you and you will keep all of the loot such as armadyl chestplate, armadyl chainskirt, armadyl helmet, armadyl hilt and godsword shards & have a chance of getting the rare 1/5000 pet!


90+ Ranged
90+ Defence
90+ Hitpoints
92+ Magic On Ancient Spellbook
60+ Strength or 60+ Agility
One of each Zammy, Sara & Arma D'hide Items
Dragon Crossbow or better
Blood Barrage Casts In A Rune Pouch
Black Chins
Saradomin Brews
Super Restores
Ranging Potions
Death Plateau Quest + Started troll stronghold / killed dad
You can either leave enough gold in the invent or buy these supplies for us

To see example setups click here.