Monkey Madness 2

Monkey Madness 2
Very Long
Quest Requirements:
Recipe for Disaster (King Awowogei)
Enlightened Journey (For access to the Grand tree balloon route - This requires 60 Firemaking)
The Eyes of Glouphrie
Troll Stronghold
Skill/Other Requirements:
70 Crafting
69 Slayer
60 Hunter
55 Agility
55 Thieving
High combat, Thieving, and Agility are strongly recommended
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Lemon, Grapes, Pestle and Mortar, Food, Armor and Weapons (for fights), Energy Potions, Prayer Potions, Monkeyspeak Amulet, Monkey GreeGree, Monkey Talisman (can be bought on Ape Atoll), and Summer Pies (can come in handy in the tunnel maze).
Items Recommended for Quest:
Super Antidotes or a Serpentine Helmet, Ape Atoll Teleport, Varrock Teleport, Trollheim Teleport, Good Ranged or Melee Weapon, and Armour with High Melee or Ranged Defence
Quest Points:
Access to the Crash Site Cavern, Royal seed pod which provides unlimited teleports to the Grand Tree, Ability to communicate with monkeys in Ape Atoll without having to use a M'speak Amulet, Access to Ape Atoll without the use of Monkey Greegrees, Access to Ape Atoll Bank and Oobapohk's Javelin Store, Monkey (Cosmetic), 25000 Slayer XP, 20000 Agility XP, 15000 Thieving XP, 15000 Hunter XP, and 2 X 50000 XP in either Magic, Ranged, Attack, Defence, Strength or Hit points