OSRS Dagannoth Kings

Minimum Stats Required

Minimum levels required:

90+ Att/Str
90+ Ranged
90+ Defence
90+ Hitpoints
43+ Prayer
90+ Magic On Ancient Spellbook

Minimum Gear Required

Minimum combat equipment required:

Black D'hide body
Verac's Skirt
Verac's Helm
Obby Shield
Amulet of glory
Devout Boots
Charged Trident of the seas
Abyssal Whip
Your best cape (skillcape if you have one for pray bonus)
Dragon Crossbow or better with Diamond Dragon (e) bolts
Blood Barrage Casts In A Rune Pouch


Consumables Required

Food and pots required:

Saradomin Brews
Super Restores
Sanfew Serums
Ranging Potions
Super Combat Potions
Stamina Potions

You can either leave enough gold in the invent or buy these supplies for us

To see example setups click here.