OSRS Raw Shark (Per 1000)

Raw sharks can be fished with a harpoon with level 76 Fishing.

They require level 80 Cooking to cook into sharks and heal 20 Hitpoints each.

Raw sharks can be caught at many net/harpoon fishing spots with locations including the Fishing Guild, Catherby, Burgh de Rott, Rellekka, Iorwerth Camp, Southern Hosidius, Jatizso, and Gwenith.

You can also catch sharks without using a harpoon at level 96 fishing and 76 strength by starting the second part of barbarian fishing with Otto Godblessed.

Sharks give 110 Fishing experience per catch and 210 Cooking experience when cooked.

Although they yield decent experience per catch, fishing sharks is extremely slow and therefore not recommended for players seeking fast experience.

There is a very rare chance that a big shark is obtained when fishing.

However, fishing minnows in the Fishing Guild give a decent amount of fishing experience per hour, and 40 can be exchanged for a raw shark.

Sharks can be obtained from minnow fishing at a much faster rate, but also requires more attention compared to fishing sharks directly.