OSRS Vorkath

We will kill Vorkath for you on your account and you will keep all of the loot and will receive a screenshot of the Runelite loot tracker once your order is completed
(Bank pin required to bank the loot) & you will have a chance of getting the pet!

Skills/Other Requirements:

70+ Defence
85+ Ranged
80+ Hitpoints
44+ Prayer
39+ Magic
Dragon Slayer 2 Quest
Potions and runes to kill vorkath

Gear requirements:

Head slot: Void Knight range helmet
Neck slot: Salve amulet (ei)
Torso slot: Void Knight top
Legs slot: Void Knight bottoms
Boots slot: God d'hide boots or snakeskin boots
Gloves slot: Void Knight gloves
Cape slot: Ava's or God cloak or any skill cape
Weapon slot: Blowpipe or dragon hunter crossbow
Shield slot: Dragonfire ward or anti dragon shield
Ring slot: Archers ring
Ammo slot: Ruby dragon bolts (e) + Diamond dragon bolts (e) or darts if using the blowpipe as a weapon